Amethyst Moon Crescent Pendant


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Peace | Healing | Intuition

Origin: Brazil

Amethyst brings calmness with healing properties that encourage inner strength and clarity of the mind. Highly esteemed as a powerful absorber of negative energy including stress, anxiety, fear and other negative emotions. It simultaneously radiates positive energy as it deflects negative energy around you.

Affirmation: Today is going to be a wonderful day. No matter what happens today I am going to have a good day. I am in a great mood, and I am happy and grateful. I feel positive energy surrounding my body. I am choosing to have a great day.


  • Gold Electroplated Plated Brazilian Amethyst Quartz featuring a raw crystal druzy on one side.
  • Approx 20mm length (pendant)


  • Free 45cm Gold toned chain
  • Free Signature Selene Crystals gift pouch

Love and Care:

You can charge/cleanse your crystal pendant by placing it on a Selenite Plate overnight or under the moonlight. You can also cleanse with Palo Santo or by using a Smudge stick. Do not cleanse your pendant with water.

We advise you not to wear your fashion jewellery:

  • in any kind of water
  • when using lotions or perfumes, cleaning products, or any other liquids

Store in a cool, dry place.

Please note: Sample images only. Each crystal is unique just like you.  All photos are taken in sunlight to capture the depths of colour in each piece. As a natural specimen, its appearance may vary slightly from the images shown depending on your screen resolution and they may contain tiny fissures which are part of its natural form. 

Disclaimer: We at Selene Crystals cannot give out medical advice. Healing crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment, diagnosis or examination. For medical advice, please consult a licenced health care professional.