SOLD OUT Cast Iron Cauldron with lid


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This mini cauldron is perfect for holding sage or Palo Santo, burning loose herbs and dried flowers, and essential oils. By putting on the lid, it will easily extinguish your lit items.

Cauldrons can also be used as a tool for rituals, spells, and intention setting.You can burn paper on which you have written your wishes or intentions on. This sends your wishes to the Universe through the flames. Or you can burn paper on the Full Moon for releasing all that no longer serves you. 

A beautiful piece for your home or altar.

Height Including Lid: app. 10cm / Diameter: app. 6cm / Depth: app. 5.5cm / Weight: 600g - 700g. Please note: This is a handmade cauldron. Measurements are a guide only and can vary slightly.

Caution: Never leave a candle, burning herbs, Sage or Palo Santo unattended. Always handl use caution with open flame. Handle with care as the cauldron will get hot during use.

Care: Wash with regular detergent and keep oiled with a fine vegetable oil. Iron will season and turn darker with time and use.