Meet the Maker

There is a special story behind the crystal bracelets. Each bracelet is handcrafted by Mike who makes each one with love and care. Mike is a third generation joiner, having made furniture for 25 years. In late 2017, Mike was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer and had to give away that life, as the doctors had only given him 3-5 months, to start the fight against Cancer in 2018. In July of that year he found out he was cancer free, although walked away with much damage from the Cancer, and not able to make furniture again. This lead to still creating with his hands, something a lot different, and some what healing, as the recovery journey continues.

He finds much joy in connecting with others, working with energy and crystals, and continually learning new things. He literally does a very happy dance when asked to make a bracelet you. Handling these energy’s, and living around it, and the beautiful things people say about his pieces is so joyful.