Crystal Water Bottles


Absorb the vibrational energy of crystals into your daily hydrating routine. Feel the good vibes wherever you go while you hydrate your body, mind and soul.

Focus on your goals and intentions while you keep hydrated. Every time you sip water energised by your crystals, your intentions will flow through your body, and the crystals will also serve as a visual reminder of the positive intentions you have set.

Since ancient times, spiritual healers have been using crystal energised water to align the effects of beautiful crystals and encourage connection with one's higher self. Selene Crystal Water Bottles combine ancient healing traditions with the modern lifestyle so you can stay beautifully hydrated. The bottle's design allows the crystal's energy to vibrate up from the bottom glass compartment up through to your water.

Benefits of our Crystal Water Bottles

Use any gemstone: On different days, you may be feeling the vibes of a different crystal. Instead of having to buy a whole new bottle or expensive gempod, you can simply swap out the crystals in the bottom compartment. Create your own intentional crystal essence according to what you need and make each day amazing! 

Safe and hygienic: There are only a few certain crystals that can safely touch water. Some crystals can dissolve in the water, emitting hazardous substances which you would then be consuming. Since our crystals are safely separated by a glass wall, you can use any gemstone you like without having to worry about the crystals leaching toxins in your water. Our Crystal Bottles are a safe and hygienic way to enjoy a crystal elixir. 

Multi-use: Since the crystals do not directly come in contact with the liquid in the glass, you can also fill your bottle with your favourite fruit infused water, ice tea or healthy drink of choice.

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