Moon Phases Ritual Kit


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Working with the Moon Phases infuses our actions and thoughts with incredibly powerful energy as we move forward. Using the New Moon and Full Moon each month to perform rituals helps us to take some time out of our busy lives for some self-care and inner reflection. It allows us to take time to listen to the needs of our body, heart, and soul.

NEW MOON: A time to set intentions for the month ahead. The New Moon carries powerful energy for manifesting, intention setting, and new beginnings. Work with your crystals by holding them, using them during meditation, and sleeping next to them until the Full Moon.

FULL MOON: A time to release and let go so you can move forward. By reflecting, releasing and letting go of all the things that no longer serve you, you create space for new energies, possibitilities and opportunities to come into your life. 

This Kit Includes:

  • New Moon Ritual A5 Notepad
  • Full Moon Ritual A5 Notepad
  • Handpicked Crytals to Harness the Moon Energy:
    • Selenite Stick -  Protection | Cleansing | Inner peace
    • Labradorite Tumbled Stone - Intuition | Strength| Transformation
    • Clear Quartz Tumbled Stone - Clarity | Inspiration | Manifestation
    • Moonstone Tumbled Stone - Peace | Harmony | Healing
  • New Moon and Full Moon Ritual Guides

PLEASE NOTE: Sample images only. We always try to select the best quality gemstones, but please note due to each crystal being unique, there may be some variances in crystal colours and shape.

Disclaimer: We at Selene Crystals cannot give out medical advice. Healing crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment, diagnosis or examination. For medical advice, please consult a licenced health care professional.