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*Available in Australia only*

White Sage and Lavender Leaves Smudge Stick with complimentary Amethyst Tumbled Stone - $14.99 each

Sometimes you just need to take a moment to cleanse away bad energy out of your life.

For hundreds of years, White Sage has been considered a sacred, cleansing, purifying, and protective plant. “Saging is the act of wafting the smoke of white sage around yourself, your home, and your belongings to cleanse the energy,” explains Deborah Hanekamp, AKA Mama Medicine. "Sage shifts us into a place of awareness that comes from wisdom, paying attention, knowing, and resetting ourselves, ultimately bringing ourselves more into the present moment," Hanekamp explains. "That way, negative energy can’t attach itself to us because there’s nowhere for the negative energy to go around us. So it kind of has to go out the window."

Lavender is known to calm and rejuvenate the mind and body, helping to reduce stress and increase feeling of restoration.

Since Sage cleansing is the quickest way to clear out negative energy from both objects and surroundings, you can use it to cleanse the energy in your home, personal energy, and for crystal cleansing.

Sage is said to clear all energy, so it's important to bring in some positive energy after you do your clearing. You can do this with your mind by visualizing white light filling your space or by using a crystal to bring in the energy. So as our gift to you, we have included a complimentary Amethyst tumbled stone for some extra good vibes. The Amethyst crystal is said to be helpful for acquiring calm and creating an ‘energetic shield’ to protect you from negative influences.

Includes: 1 x White Sage and Lavender Leaves Smudge Stick, 1 x complimentary Amethyst tumbled stone, and smudging instructions. Lavender flower stem not included.

Size: Approx. 10cm

Keep out of reach of children, animals and flammable material.  Always handle with care, and never leave flame unattended.

This Sage is organically grown and sourced from sustainable farms.

Disclaimer: We at Selene Crystals cannot give out medical advice. Healing crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment, diagnosis or examination. For medical advice, please consult a licensed health care professional. All information on this website is of a general metaphysical nature and collected from various sources.