Frequently Asked Questions

How do the Crystal Water Bottles work?

Every crystal has an energy field that can positively interact with your own, naturally directing, absorbing, amplifying and focusing energy within the body (Juliette Thornbury, 2019). Our crystal water bottle is a simple yet effective way of working with the healing energy of crystals. Our bottle's design allows the crystal's energy to vibrate up from the bottom glass compartment up through to your water, charging it with the healing properties of the crystals. This can be known as many names such as crystal elixir, gem elixir, crystal essence, crystal infused water or crystal energised water. Our bottle is the modern version of a crystal elixir and is the best and safest means of absorbing pure crystal energy.

Do the crystals need to touch the water to work?

A crystal elixir can be created using the direct method or indirect method. The direct method involves the crystals coming into contact with the water, however it should be known that not all crystals are safe to use. Some crystals can dissolve in the water emitting hazardous substances which you would then be consuming. 

Our crystal water bottles uses the indirect elixir method. Our bottle's have been cleverly designed to allow the crystal's energy to vibrate up from the bottom glass compartment up through to your water, charging it with the healing properties of the crystals. This means you can still enjoy the energetic vibrations of crystals but in a safe and hygienic way. 

How do I know which crystal to choose?

Each crystal has its own unique energetic properties and abilities which may help you to achieve your desired intentions. If you feel drawn to a specific crystal, it can often mean you are in need of the energy carried by that crystal. 

If you're looking to bring a certain thing into fruition (such as love for example), you can also look for a crystal that has been associated with that particular energy. While crystals won't magically bring anything into being, they can be used to support and remind you of your intentions.

Below is a list of crystals and the energy they are believed to carry.

Amethyst - Stone of the Mind

Renowned as a natural stress reliever that encourages inner strength and peace. The keywords associated are:

  • Relaxation 
  • Clarity
  • Peace
  • Intuition
  • Protection
  • Calm

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Rose Quartz - Stone of Love

This beautiful stone emits strong vibrations of love and is commonly used if one wants to attract a new relationship, love oneself more, or soothe the heart from hurt. The keywords associated are:

  • Love
  • Healing
  • Harmony
  • Happiness
  • Peace
  • Rejuvenation

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Ametrine - Stone of Inner Peace

Ametrine is a powerful combination of Amethyst and Citrine. Like Amethyst, it helps to dispel negativity, and like Citrine, it increases feelings of joy and optimism. The keywords associated are:

  • Serenity
  • Calm
  • Harmony and Alignment
  • Creativity

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Can I change my crystals?

Yes! Our crystals are safely separated and easy to change so you can mix and match your crystals. Create your own intentional crystal essence according to what you need to make your day amazing! Simply unscrew the bottom lid to change your crystals.


How do I use my Crystal Water Bottle?

Simply pour clean filtered water into your bottle. Set your intention and allow the power of crystals to help rejuvenate, energise and soothe you.

Focus on your goals and intentions while you keep hydrated. Each bottle comes with an information card to help you set your intentions. Every time you sip water energised by your crystals, your intentions will flow through your body, and the crystals will also serve as a visual reminder of the positive intentions you have set.


What is the quantity of water that the Crystal Water Bottle can hold?

Crystal Water Bottle: holds approximately 400ml.

Luxe Crystal Water Bottle: holds approximately 450ml


Can I use my Crystal Bottle for other drinks?

Since the crystals do not directly come in contact with the liquid in the glass, you can also fill your bottle with your favourite fruit infused water, ice tea or drink of choice. (Just be sure to clean it like you would ordinarily do after drinking from a glass).


What is the bottle made of?

Our bottles are made of Borosilicate glass.


Is my Crystal Water Bottle fragile?

As the bottles are made of glass, handle them with the same care as a precious piece of glass. Avoid impacts, blows or strokes. Don't drop it. Although the bottle does include a protective carry sleeve, it still needs to be handled with care.


Can the Crystal Water Bottle withstand heat or cold?

Crystal Water BottleYou can refrigerate the bottle (around 4°C), but DO NOT place bottle into the freezer. DO NOT heat, microwave, or add boiling water to the bottle, as this will cause the bottle to crack or shatter.

Luxe Crystal Water Bottle-40°C - 420°C, stands sudden temperature difference up to 140°C.


How do I clean the Crystal Water Bottle?

Please wash your bottle thoroughly before first time use. 

Hand wash separate components with warm soapy water. 

If your bottle gets cloudy or scaly from soapy deposits, fill it with water and two tablespoons of white vinegar. Let the bottle sit over night and then thoroughly rinse with clean warm water the next day. 

Safety: If there are cracks or any other damages, STOP USAGE immediately. 


How do I cleanse and charge my crystals?

Our favourite method of cleansing and charging is by placing crystals under the light of a full moon. Where possible, place crystals directly on the ground or any natural surface. Follow us on instagram for reminders!

Other methods include:

Sunlight - Place crystals in sunlight for no more than half an hour. It is important to not leave it out any longer, as some crystals such as Amethyst can fade from direct sunlight. 

Water - Both fresh water and salt water can be used. Natural running water, such as water in a stream or creek is best, but you can also use water from a running tap. Note that this cleanses only and some crystals such as Hematite. 


Why should I cleanse and charge my crystal?

Crystals will also absorb different energies, both positive and negative. Over time the negative energy can build up, interfering with the effectiveness of your crystal. It is important to cleanse and charge your crystals regularly, depending on use. It is also recommended that you cleanse and charge your crystals when you first receive your bottle.