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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cleanse and charge my crystals?

Our favourite method of cleansing and charging is by placing crystals under the light of a Full moon. Where possible, place crystals directly on the ground or any natural surface. Follow us on instagram for reminders!

Other methods include:

Sunlight - Place crystals in sunlight for no more than half an hour. It is important to not leave it out any longer, as some crystals such as Amethyst can fade from direct sunlight. 

Water - Both fresh water and salt water can be used. Natural running water, such as water in a stream or creek is best, but you can also use water from a running tap. Note that this cleanses only and should be done with caution as some crystals should not submerged in water. Click here to learn more.

SeleniteRadiating light energy, Selenite can lift the vibration of your space. Use a Selenite bowl or plate to beautifully display your other crystals and jewellery, whilst cleansing and recharging them.


Why should I cleanse and charge my crystal?

Crystals will also absorb different energies, both positive and negative. Over time the negative energy can build up, interfering with the effectiveness of your crystal. It is important to cleanse and charge your crystals regularly, depending on use. It is also recommended that you cleanse and charge your crystals when you first receive your crystals before setting your intention. 

Do you offer Wholesale?

We are pleased to offer wholesale Crystals and spiritual tools at competitive wholesale prices. Whether you have an online store or  physical space, we will be happy to offer Wholesale accounts to approved customers. Proof of on-selling such as a website, Facebook/Instagram store etc is required. Fill out the form here and will be in touch as soon as possible! 

Wholesale approved customers receive 50% off the retail price as listed on the website. NOTE: sales and specials are final prices and not eligible for a further discount unless otherwise stated. Some exclusions apply. A minimum order spend of $150 on your first order. Thereafter, no minimum order is required. All prices exclude shipping charges.